Thursday, December 08, 2005

First Adwords Campaign

Today we ended our first Google Adwords campaign and it was a great success (measured by the smile on our clients faces). The campaign was for an automotive company in Sydney and we started with a $250 budget. We have been advertising on Overture (formerly for sometime now, but thought its time to try Google Adwords.

Ad Campaign Details

We chose 16 keywords and we decided what value each keyword would provide to the campaign. The most general keyword automotive was our lowest Cost Per Click (CPC).
We used both the Google Network aswell as targetted sites running Adsense. This was tremendous boost, because it allowed us to appear on sites like CarSales and CarGuide. The other great thing about including a Site-Targetted campaign was the cost is by impression which was pretty cheap for 206,432 impressions. We received 143 clicks which is not a great click through rate but our ads were getting our clients name in front of a larger targetted audience.


Our client received 326 visitors during 3 week campaign. The total ad impressions exceeded 300,000. The campaign was planned to run for 1 month, but in the 2nd week we decided to accelerate the promotion. This is an option in Google Adwords total campaign cost $248.10.


Our client has booked a new Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing (formerly Overture) for a much larger campaign.

-=- Jason