Saturday, August 30, 2008

Melbourne's 10km Nike+ Human Race

OK tomorrow is the big race ... Im running in the Melbourne part of the million people run this weekend. Nike+ Human Race has already started around the world and right now the US, South America and Europe have finished their race and the results will soon be online. Our race is tomorrow morning.

So I decided to create a Google map of the course. Tomorrow I will have my running gadgets with me. My new polar watch RS800sd, heart monitor, pedometer and iPod Nano (RED). As part of the race gear we all recieved a RED Nike shirt with our number printed on the front and a digital nike tracker (that needs to be handed in when we finish the race).

I took my Polar watch for a test run of the course today, and it has some great features. Heart rate, running speed, distance, altitude and a whole lot more.

So on Sunday morning if you see a mass of people running in RED shirts ... then that is us.

View directions of the Nike+ Human Race

Update: The Nike banners are starting to go up and the finish line is up at Linlithgow Ave near the Botanical Gardens.

Just visited the Nike+ Human Race web site and it looks great - well done to the designers!

I also came across this cool promotion @ The Inspiration Room for the Faker at tomorrows event ...