Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ideas for my new iPhone

On Friday 11th July 2008 I put register with Optus to get my new iPhone and Wednesday the following week I got the call to say it was ready to pick up.

With the 3G iPhone available in more than 20 countries, it is no surprise that Apple has announced that it sold a million phones in the first three days of the product’s release—71 days faster than it took the original iPhone to reach the same number.

After using the iPhone for only a week, ideas for business applications are already start to flow. This phone is very intuitive to use.

my iPhone in one week ...

  • Made & receive more than 30 calls

  • Sent 37 SMS

  • Read 15 emails

  • Taken 10 photos

  • Browsed 8 web sites

  • Installed 3 applications:

    • Super Monkey Ball - $12.95

    • Lonely Planet - Mandarin Speaking - Free

    • Apple remote - Free

  • Added 5 cities to my timezone and my weather

  • Charged my phone once

The motion sensors have to be one of my favourite features. We have already joined as an iPhone & Facebook developers. Some this that does concern me is the reports already starting to come out about the performance of the AppStore.

The iPhone can be programmed by creating web pages that can be viewed on the device. This means you have to ensure your web apps work with the resolution of the screen and with the idiosyncrasies of its browser - Safari.

Acording to a post on ZDnet

Like the Opera-based internet browser on the Nintendo Wii, most developers will look at the iPhone as yet another high-volume consumer-oriented web platform for their pages and applications. As a first pass, it would be a good idea to ensure your apps don’t look like crap on the device. Then if you notice a lot of iPhone traffic or want to target it specifically for some other reason, you can use CSS and user agents to customize your presentation to your heart’s content.