Saturday, May 10, 2008

Social Networks and Personal Information (Birthdays)

So last month I celebrated another birthday but this one was different!

Not including my new Canon EOS40D, the extraordinary thing was the amount of "Happy Birthday" wishes I received this year. In particular the amount from Social Networks like Facebook and Twitter.
This started a discussion with a wide variety of friends on what can facebook and social networks really do that is valuable!

Social Networks

Facebook makes it very easy to remember your friends birthdays - its right in front in a news feed. What is also intersting is the amount of friends that regularly log in to facebook.

Instant Messaging

More friends ping me on MSN + Yahoo Messengers.

Mobile Phone & SMS

Throughout the day my phone would ring with mates wishing me happy birthday - question: what do they use to remind them?


A few more send me an email wishing me happy birthday.

Face to Face

And then friends I over the week wished me happy birthday. Obviously they have my birthday in a calendar somewhere.

I know for a long time I tried to store my close friends birthdays in my phone and sync it with Outlook.