Sunday, December 28, 2008

Tapping the Power of Podcasting

Every day companies strive to share their message whether it is a marketing messages or client and staff communications. “Rising above the noise” can be a real challenge. The Internet has made a huge difference in the way you market your services. And now, there’s yet another arrow to add to your marketing quiver: the relatively new medium, podcasting.

Podcasting is now an adopted phenomenon. Podcasting is the broadcasting of audio over the Internet specifically to be downloaded into and played from an MP3 or other audio player or on your computer. Apple's iPod is the most well-known audio player. Because these players tend to be highly portable, they provide a unique opportunity for anyone to listen to anything (including your audio message), anywhere, anytime.

Podcasting enables you to:
  • Reports on various statistics to your clients
  • Descriptions of new services
  • Create unique introductions of you and your company
  • Custom audio newsletters or articles within your newsletter
  • Weekly podcast “radio” shows that include phone interviews with guests
  • Create a custom relationship with your clients
  • Reach a far-flung workforce

Your voice can be a powerful marketing tool. Oral communication can be more expressive and compelling than mere words or images on a piece of paper or computer screen. Also, when clients and customers hear your podcast, they may be more likely to perceive you as an authority.

To effectively train and communicate with its 4,000 staff members, 800 reserve personnel, and nearly 20 divisions, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department found a great solution in podcasts. Unfortunately, it could take weeks for the department’s video staff to produce and deliver their podcasts in a variety of formats. Until, that is, Podcast Producer turned weeks of arduous production into mere hours of automated production.

Apple Podcast Producer

Podcast Producer enables you quickly create audio or video content and deliver it in several different formats.