Thursday, November 22, 2007

Promoting Your RSS Feeds Through Syndication

Promoting Your RSS Feeds Through Syndication

RSS feeds are a great way to keep captive audiences updated and informed of the changes you make to your website. They’re also a great way to attract new visitors because they’re simple, effective, and inexpensive to set up!

Thousands of “in the know” website owners and webmasters are using Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds right now to summarize content updates the moment those updates are made. They send these feeds to various syndication services which in turn make these feeds available to their subscribers.

Who reads RSS Feeds?

Anyone can subscribe to a syndication service like My Yahoo! but generally subscribers are people with a specific interest who have neither the time nor the inclination to visit multiple websites day in and day out looking for new content.

Subscribers don’t receive every feed sent to these syndication services. They could if they wanted to but most include in their RSS readers only the types of feeds in which they’re interested. Subscribers access their feeds either from the subscription web site or the subscriber’s email or mobile device.

Using an RSS reader, subscribers are able to quickly browse through RSS feed headlines. When an intriguing headline is encountered, they simply click to read the full text.

RSS feeds as communication tools

While it seems the subscriber reaps all the benefits of RSS feeds, as a webmaster or site owner you benefit, too. Promoting RSS feeds through syndication is an excellent communication tool that has none of the hassles associated with maintaining a newsletter.

By choosing which feeds to receive, individuals automatically “opt-in.” In other words, they’re giving you their permission to contact them, eliminating the potential for spam complaints. You no longer have to worry about enforcing a privacy policy or the ages of your site visitors, either.

Plus you’re in total control. If you want those receiving your feeds to visit your site, create feeds that include just a title and a link. If you want to keep them in your news loop, go ahead and include more content. Make it enticing and you’ll increase your chances of driving more traffic to your site.

No matter which RSS feed tactic you choose, you win. When you promote RSS feeds (like this RSS feed) through syndication, you keep your website’s name in front of countless interested faces and you give your regulars reason to keep coming back to your site!

Note: Let me know if you need help with an RSS feed for your website. This can then be submitted to a number of leading RSS syndicators.

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