Sunday, December 09, 2007

Zune Commercial Experiments

Below are some of the latest Zune commercials from Microsoft ... the latest in their Social TV experiment. I have viewed this four times similar to the guys at Techcrunch now. I love the commercial but I agree that it could be ...
Lewis Carroll-esque fantasy of someone on an acid trip

One comment from TechCrunch ...
i dont know about you guys, but i think this is great. i dont know, i think that’s because im a commercial director/graphic designer. haha. IMHO i find zune’s ad/zune art way better than what apple does. although i have an ipod and a mac for a system, im really tempted to get a zune this xmas.

We have 4 ipods starting with a Generation 1 ipod through to the latest (RED) Ipod Nano. We are waiting for the Apple iphone ... so we avoided getting an ipod touch. Although I want another gadget cause the Zune looks cool - everything in our place is Apple so its now tough to justify any other brand.

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