Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Schmedley and G.ho.st - an evolution for web applications

Everyone has heard of cloud computing ... applications moving to the WEB and beyond. Google and Microsoft are doing it with their office suites and Chrome, Google's browser wasn't developed to provide "yet another one". Considering how fast everyone is moving from local applications to WEB based services, we can expect a new operating system. In the next ten years. I have used two of the better web based OS environments ... Schmedley and G.ho.st. both described as your complete Virtual Computer (VC) in the browser.

Your free G.ho.st ("ghost") Virtual Computer (VC) includes a desktop, file storage and applications. Your VC lives securely in the internet cloud and is accessible from any computer or mobile phone in the world via this Web page

When people consider good looking operating systems they usually think og Mac OS X or Microsoft Vista. Schmedley has a Mac style dock, and I think even my mother could use it without getting a headache. In the end, that's where we should arrive one day - using a computer should be as easy like using a hammer, but without any painful outcomes, of course!

Why should you set Schmedley? Google Chrome ... YouTube, Google, RSS feeds, sticky notes, Amazon search, and the chance to create new tabs to populate whatever you like. If we have to choose between widgets on the desktop and on my virtual desktop, you will always choose the later - its like having a roaming profile available across the internet.

I won't get much into this, since you can take advantage of the Schmedley private Beta invitations we got from Dustin(thank you very much!) just for you, and try this online gem for yourselves.

Some new features that we would like to see included are ... a bookmark manager / integration with delicious and a way of exchanging data with your browser, as well as opening files from your hard drive(for example, using Schmedley to open a text file and place it on your virtual desktop as a sticky note), a widget for file uploads, just like the one leading to Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo Mail. Ghost has more advanced features but with that comes an overhead. It is slower to load and feels less like a set of browser "applets". I am not saying this is a good or bad thing, just different.

For now, we're still talking about a Gamma version (pre BETA), so some problems may still turn up, but that's what makes it interesting.

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Eva said...

Gotta love Schmedley ... and it has a cool name aswell!