Friday, April 10, 2009

SEO and Matt Cutts Happy 404 Day

On the 4th April Matt Cutts celebrated 4.04 day (ie 4th of the 4th). He said "... it’s a perfect day to learn what a 404 status code is. Essentially, a 404 is a way for web server to return a Page Not Found error when a browser requests a web page that the web server doesn’t have."

I embellished Matts art work a little ...

Matt posted a collection of handy links to make the most out of 404 errors on your site ...

  • Maile Ohye organized 404 week - Link

  • What is a 404 Error - Link

  • How to make 404 Error pages more useful - Link

  • Find out who is linking to your 404 Error Page - Link

  • Flickr pictures of 404 errors - Link

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