Thursday, March 27, 2008

Apple iPhone release 3G bound for Australia and Spain

Rumours are abound all over the web regarding the new 3G iPhone. Even though we still have no idea when it will hit our shores, the rampant speculation about who will have the iPhone in Australia continues. Last week it was Telstra that was the favourite to have the iPhone in Australia, thanks to the news that Sensis is developing applications for the iPhone. This weeks it's Optus, because it appears parent company SingTel has the Singaporean distribution rights for the iPhone sewn up, according to ChannelNews Asia.

Last year LoopRumours said "Wireless technology company InterDigital announced that it signed a seven-year licensing agreement with Apple, Reuters reports.

The deal will provide wireless technology for Apple's iPhone and future mobile devices that the company might release.

'The deal covers various 2G and 3G cellular technologies encompassing bandwidth allocation, roaming and power efficiency controls, and most likely also includes some type of packet data coding and delivery,' analyst Michael Ciarmoli said

Wired recently posted rumours about Apples order for more than 10 million 3G handsets on top of an existing order for 10 million first-generation models, based on an analyst's anonymous source.

Chloe Lake recently posted an article on ...
IPHONE rumours are heating up again this week with reports Apple has ordered 10 million new 3G handsets to release in the next few months.
The reports suggest Australians may be amongst the first to receive the next-generation iPhone model later this year.

The founder of Digg a social news site, Kevin Rose, fuelled rumours this week by saying a "source" told him the 3G iPhone was due soon and would include video calling. Kevin Rose explains the "iPhone Pro" rumours ...

Spain, like Australia, missed out on the original iPhone release last year. If the Telefonica rumour is true, then Spain could be one of the first countries to receive the 3G iPhone.

Apple has scheduled an Australian iPhone release for 2008 but has not confirmed if this will involve the new 3G model.

Local networks Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone are all in hot contention to be the official iPhone carrier when it is released here.

Recent rumours from Singapore indicate that SingTel, the parent company of Optus, will release the iPhone in September. The carrier would not confirm or deny that it had signed an agreement with Apple, Channel News Asia reported.

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Tom said...

It won't be Telsta. Telstra don't support iTunes as they have their own music site & not interested in Apples mp3a's.