Monday, April 07, 2008

New Google Analytics Features (Trends, Internal Search & Outbound Links)

I opened Google Analytics last week and was thrilled with the latest release. We can now highlight trends in website performance easily by clicking on the Month link. The Google Analytics team posted the announcement of a few new features

Google Analytics - Trend Graphs

Comparing daily and monthly graphs helps easily reveal trends on your website.

Daily View

Google Analytics Day View

Monthly View

Google Analytics

Google Analytics - emetrics

Another post by the GA team on emtrics reports that event tracking now enables the capturing of events out of the box. These event reports are available as separate reports compared to pageview reports.

Google Analytics - Custom Search

With the GA search tracking you can monitor what people search for on your site and where these searches take them. The google analytics team say that "Site Search reports show you the keywords and search refinement keywords people use, the pages from which people begin and end their searches. You can also see how search on your site affects site usage, conversion rates, and e-commerce activity."

Google Custom Search

If you have not included a Google Custom Search on your web site click here.

Google Analytics helps complete the information gap revealling what your visitors really want. For me this feature provides a tremendous bonus, as we can now see what our visitors are looking for when they come to our sites.

Google Analytics - Javascript Upgrade

In order to have these new features you will need to upgrade your Google tracking code throughout your entire site. The new tags will also enable outbound link tracking more easily. If you have problems with the upgrade, you can scan your implementation of the GA code by visiting SiteScan by EpikOne. I have used this site for one client implementation and it works very well. Google partnered with a EpikOne to help anyone diagnose any problems.

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